Waterproofing your Cellphone

Mobile phones or any electronic item is prone to get damaged by water. If by chance, your cellphone gets wet, it means the loss of money as well as important data stored in the phone. There are a few waterproof phones like Motorola Defy available in market, which are especially designed for a rough usage. But, it is true that no one would own a phone just because of just one characteristic and people do have different choices, when it comes to buying a mobile phone.

Fine, you are not in the league of those who own a waterproof phone. But, you can adopt some simple measures to protect your mobile phone from water:

Prefer Using Handsfree:

One of the basic tricks, but comes handy is most of the situations. Talking through handsfree will save the phone from getting wet in mild rains.

Look Out for Waterproof Accessories:

The market is flooded with accessories that are made to protect the mobile phone from water. There are various online stores that are offering silicon covers, soft jackets, waterproof covers, and polyurethane cases to protect your phone from water. Best thing about buying these accessories is that they will protect the phone in all types of weather other then when it’s raining heavily.

You can also use plastic bags and ziplock pouches to save the phone in rain. Put your phone in many layers of polybags and seal it properly with a rubber band. People also keep silica gel in their pouches because it absorbs moisture.

What if the Phone Gets Wet?

The very first thing – Remove the battery immediately.
We generally tend to panic by seeing liquid spilled on our precious device or it getting wet in rain. The first thing we do is, switch it on, just to find if the phone is alright. And the result is short circuit damage and the phone might be gone forever.

Remove all the components of the phone (like SIM, battery etc) and wrap them in paper or anything that absorbs moisture. DO NOT USE hair dryer because it will increase moisture level instead of absorbing the water. Put the components under sunlight and let them get dried off completely. You can also use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose.

Once the components are completely dry, put them into the phone and switch it on. If it works, you have just been lucky, else take it to the service center.


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