Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nokia X3: A Swanky Addition to Smartphones Series

Are you someone who just loves to show-off your gadget? If yes, the sleek and stylish Nokia X3 slider is for you. It has 3.2 megapixel camera and a screen size of 2.2-inch, which means better display clarity.

What makes X3 a leader in the mobile music segment is that it will support up to 16GB storage memory via a microSD card. Another striking feature of the phone will be an active homescreen where you can see the contacts and friends as well as listen to the current music playing. And if you are an X3 user, you have the luxury of continue listening to the music even on flights just because of flight mode.

The phone has lightening effects around the Navigation key, which give it a classy look. The fully loaded phone also has a combined send/end key and a camera-shutter key that means quick and easy operation without waiting for a few more seconds.

Besides this, the music phone is filled with many user-friendly and highly advanced features that makes it a highly desired and sort-after phone in the market.

Here are some of the highlights:

The Ideal Music Phone

Nokia has introduced X3 as a multimedia phone with some of the features similar to the “XpressMusic” model. The music player of X3 supports all the major formats. Plus the 3.5mm audio socket or use of stereo speakers for playback just adds other vital features to the already extensively loaded phone. Furthermore, the antenna for the FM radio is in-built, that means you have an ease of listening to your favorite channel without plugging the headphone.

The phone supports side-loading from a computer and is pre-loaded with music videos and audio tracks of leading artists. The music player in X3 has a 26 hours of the playback support. If you are a style freak, then customize the X3 media played and radio skin with any theme that goes-well with your personality.

Ovi Store and Symbian Feature

Nokia X3 in running on Symbian S40 and is first S40 phone that gets content from the Ovi Store. With the Ovi store, you can easily store ringtones, podcastes, videos, games and other audio applications directly to your phone in Java, widgets, Flash Lite and other languages. Symbian technology is basically an operating system meant for the segment of advanced and data enabled mobile phones also known as Smartphones.

Camera and Display

The stunner X3 has 3.2 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom, which means amazing picture quality. You can use the full focus feature of the phone and record a video of upto 15 fps with a video digital zoom. To make the things more attractive for buyers, Nokia X3 will enable you to shoot, edit or share a video clip with the on-board software. You can also upload the videos and photos on sites like Flicker and Ovi Share.

Easy Communication with the Multi-Tasker Phone

The multimedia phone supports Nokia Chat and other popular messengers. Besides this, you can set-up set up email, combine all your inboxes into one with Nokia messaging. The highly feature-integrated phone supports Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! mail and many other POP3/IMAP email clients.

What Else is in Store for YOU!

Whether you are music lover or an extreme mobile game player, there's something for everyone in the Nokia X3. The phone comes preloaded with Java games like Snake III, City Bloxx and with an interesting game Guitar Rock Tour created by Gameloft. If you are looking out for more, the Ovi store support feature will make it easier for you to download games as well as other podcast applications to X3.

Another interesting feature of the feature-packed X3 is it being an eco-friendly phone who’s up to 80% components can be recycled. Nokia has ensured that the toxic chemicals used in manufacturing the phone should be minimized to the least possible number. And in case you forgot to unplug the charger from the phone, the charger will remind you as soon the battery gets full.

Though, the phone is loaded with best of and most essential features, but the Symbian user interface it is using is quite outdated and complex as well

Designed to appeal buyers with best of looks, the Nokia X3 is intelligently priced for mass-market. The phone comes in red/black and blue/silver combinations at an approx price of Rs. 6,799.

Coming straight to the point, if you are getting a GSM music phone with 2.2 inch screen and 240x320 pixel display, 3.2 mega pixel camera, up to 16 GB microSD expandable memory, FM radio and many other features at such an incredibly reasonable price, the deal is not worth losing.

The Nokia X3 comes with:

• Nokia X3 manual
• Nokia BL-4CT battery
• Nokia WH-205 headset
• Nokia AC-8 charger
• Nokia CA-101D Connectivity cable
• Nokia MU-37 2GB microSD card

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Unveiling The LG Chocolate BL-20

If you are hunting for a mid-range multimedia phone that is more of a show-off, have a look at LG Chocolate BL-20. I call it a super sexy phone with sleek look and glossy finish. If asked to rate on the basis of looks, I will give LG BL 20 Chocolate 10/10.

The very first look of BL-20 will give you an impression of a touchscreen phone (though this one is a slider). Seems LG has made efforts to give a class to the phone and has succeeded to some extent. The phone has touchscreen navigation, which I must say is highly touch sensitive. You might end up opening another application, if you will not clearly focus on the key your are touching.

Chocolate BL-20 has 5 megapixel camera with an LED flash to satisfy your craving for clicking good photographs. I won’t say that camera quality is amazing, but it is pretty decent and you might find it tough to capture good pics if lighting conditions are inadequate. It has 4x digital zoom and auto focus features also. Text scan is an additional feature, which gives you an ease to scan photographs via phone and mail them anytime, anywhere.

Image Clicked from the Phone

Users have the option to personalize the phone with widget keys and get direct access to features like weather or news. Though, the phone does not have GPS option, but it comes with Google Maps. Being a 3G phone, it provides better connectivity and data transfer functionality to users. You can send multiple files at a single time via Bluetooth, which is definitely a time saving thing.

If you are a music lover, Chocolate BL-2O can be a bit disappointment for you. Though the phone has FM radio, but the audio clarity is poor. Keeping the phone in pocket or in bag while listening radio means poor transmission of signals and all you will hear is a really annoying disturbance. I don’t know why LG has not paid attention to such an important feature of the phone. Listening to your favorite tracks on the phone is not going to be a pleasant experience.

For those who are switching from Nokia phone to chocolate, texting will be an easier deal as the phone functions similar to any basic Nokia phone. You can set up an email account on the Symbian 40 phone as well as send SMS without much hassle.

BL-20 has volume and camera side keys, which I will not say have really smooth operation. The phone has single point for charger, headphone and USB connectivity. One thing I really liked about the phone is that you can remove the connectivity port from charger and use it as USB (now you don’t have to carry USB with you everytime).

Priced approximately 10,000, LG Chocolate BL-20 is not a bad deal for those who give preference to looks over functions.