Camera Phone or A Smart Camera Phone?

With every mobile phone brand coming up with one or the other enhanced camera feature in their device, buying the right camera phone is surely a confusing thing for the consumer. So, what are those features that make a camera phone, a smart camera phone? 

Does Megapixels Really Matter?

Yes, but that doesn’t mean you will have to buy a phone with 12 megapixel camera. Most of us don’t know that we need higher megapixels in case we want to take poster print of photographs.

Number of megapixels determines how an image will look when it will be printed in large size. If you will take a large print out of image captured from camera that doesn’t have enough megapixel, result will be a blurred image. Another thing to keep in mind is that editing or cropping images clicked from low megapixel camera will be lead to fuzzy results.

Camera phones with fixed focus will not capture quality pictures because the lens will cover anything that will fall in the range. Therefore, autofocus in a camera phone is an added advantage for consumer. With autofocus, one can focus properly on the subject by moving lens in & out and even the close-up shots clicked are better.

Why White Balance Mode?

Human eyes can figure out what is white even under different lighting conditions, but cameras are unable to do so. Fluorescent light can add bluish cast to clicked pictures and a bulb light can add yellowish tinge. There are various white balance settings in camera phones that will help you capture images with accurate colors.

It is always good to have image stabilization in a camera phone as it reduces the blurring that can happen because of the motion of the camera. If the shutter speed of the camera in your phone is slow, the camera will shake and frames will jitter. But, image stabilization feature will allow you to click images even when the 
shutter speed is 2-4 times slower than the normal one. It further improves the sharpness of the image.


One feature, almost every smartphone has. Geotagging allows you to tag or label the image to show the location where it was clicked. In case you want to capture the GPS data in the image, you should have a GPS enabled cellphone.

What Else to Watch-out For? 

Do you want your camera to focus on you, even when you are standing there in the crowd? Face detection technology will do it for you. All you have to do is make the camera understand the object to be focused upon, and it will take care of the rest. Even if the subject moves, the phone will stay focused on the face.

Smart cameraphones are bundled with many more amazing features including red eye removal, multi-shot, ISO settings, optical & digital zoom, and more. One more thing that should be kept in mind while hunting for an ideal camera phone is its lens. The quality of lens used in camera certainly enhances the quality of pictures you click. 

One must do an extensive research about the camera features a cellphone boasts of, before actually buying one. But, don’t forget that these features will only enhance the quality of the pictures taken and clicking the right shot from right angle depends on you.


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