Thursday, September 29, 2011

“To Be Rolled-Out Soon”: By Sony Ericsson

Seems Sony Ericsson has decided to be in news in the last quarter of the year 2011. The company will soon be rolling out a series of low and high end mobile phones in market. Their expected launch date hasn’t been revealed yet, but I can see the “coming soon” tag on these cellphones on Sony Ericsson’s website. Here’s a quick peek:

Sony Ericsson Txt

Sony Ericsson rarely comes up with QWERTY phones and Txt is the newest addition in the series. The phone has Wi-Fi, USB, GPRS, and EDGE connectivity but what it lacks in is 3G. It has a 2.5 inch scratch resistant TFT-LCD screen with 256K color display.

The phone has 3.2 megapixel camera and will be available in attractive colors – Black, Pink, White, Blue. Popular social networking apps like Facebook and Twitter are supported by the Sony Ericsson Txt.

The Good Things:
  • Separated keys on the keypad for fast and easy typing
  • Optical trackpad for smooth navigation
  • Ofcourse, Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 32GB expansion capacity
  • 23 hours music playback time
  • Push email
What Else Could Have Been There:
  • LED flash
  • Sony Ericsson could have kept more space for RAM, which is just 64MB

Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman Phone WT13i

The touchscreen phone with Walkman Player, Sony Ericsson WT13i will catch your attention with its bright color combos and cloud bands that comes in selected models.

WT13i has 3 inch capacitive touchscreen and scratch resistant surface. The phone comes with proximity sensor for auto display turn-off and accelerometer sensor for display auto-rotation. Being a music phone, WT13i also has Karaoke feature, which is definitely going to get popular amongst those who love to sing.

The Good Things:
  • Wi-Fi b/g
  • Walkman player
  • SensMe music mood mapping application
  • Support for YouTube
  • 32GB expandable memory
  • Support for Gtalk, Gmail, and social networking apps
  • Push email
The Phone Lacks in:
  • Camera with higher resolution, which currently is 3.2MP
  • Only 64MB RAM
  • 3G support as most of the phones are now offering 3G connectivity

Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray ST18i

Just 9.4mm thick, Xperia Ray looks stunning. It seems Sony Ericsson is planning to give tough competition to other Android phone makers with the Ray. The Phone runs on Android Gingerbread platform and has features that will fairly meet the demands of today’s gadgeteers.

The clear and crisp Mobile Bravia Engine alongwith LED backlit LCD further enhances the display quality of the Xperia Ray, which already has a high resolution of 854x480 pixels. The 8.1MP camera with LED flash will allow you to click amazing pictures and VGA camera will support video chat.

The Good Things: 
  • Wi-Fi b/g/n and the phone can work as Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Sony Xloud engine audio filter for better loudspeaker sound
  • 512MB RAM with powerful 1GHz processor for a speedy performance
  • 3D gaming
What Else Could Have Been There?
  • I am somehow not happy with the screen size of Xperia Ray. Consumers are nowadays looking for phones with bigger display and 3.3 inch screen might be a drawback for Xperia Ray
  • We want full HD playback, especially when resolution is higher & even camera is 8.1MP
You will soon get detailed info about these cellphones on

Monday, September 26, 2011

Vodafone 555 Blue - The Affordable Facbook Phone

There’s a lot of buzz about the Facebook phone from Vodafone, 555 Blue. After reading about the phone on Internet, I decided to compile the scattered information in to one blog. I am still waiting to get my hands on this affordable wonder phone from Vodafone, but we can at least talk about the obvious things this phone comes with.

Overall Appearance

Resembling HTC Chacha, Vodafone 555 Blue comes with a dedicated Facebook button and the operator is even giving one year free FB access to Vodafone subscribers with this phone. Looking at the close-up shots of the phone, I can make out that build quality isn’t that great. Just 12mm thick device has nice silver and white matt finish and 4 soft keys plus a trackpad just below the screen. The phone doesn’t have a full QWERTY keypad but the keys are big enough and suitable for easy texting.

On the sides – The phone has volume control and camera key on the right side, a microUSB port on left side, and loudspeaker at the back.

It’s All About Facebooking

The social networking phone has a shiny dedicated Facebook button. When you will start the device for the first time, you will be taken to Facebook sign-in screen and from there on, you will find Facebook everywhere. There’s a FB status update bar too, which will keep you posted about the FB updates you and your friends are making.

The Facebook content will get synchronized in every 20 minutes and neon blue light will blink, whenever a notification will appear.

The Performance

Yes, It’s a no 3G and Wi-Fi phone. I guess Vodafone was more concerned about making it an all economical device, therefore, the company opted for 2.5G and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity. Again, the terribly low processor speed of 200MHz is going to spoil your smooth surfing experience.

One thing I liked about the phone is 2MP camera that comes with LED flash. You will at least be able to click decent images in bad lighting conditions (again the quality of lens comes in the picture). Then there are different image clicking modes like night mode and brightness adjustment in the phone. You can also upload the pictures clicked from phone directly to your Facebook profile, but there are data restrictions too.

I have been told that watching videos is not going to be a good experience on the 2.4 inch low resolution screen of Vodafone 555 Blue. Plus, the talktime offered isn’t that great and the maximum you can talk over phone is for 3 hours.

And What Else?

There’s Opera Mini browser, Palringo, FM radio, and Java client in the phone. Vodafone is expected to introduce more apps via Over-The-Air updates.

Final Word

Vodafone 555 Blue is undoubtedly a pocket friendly phone but I would suggest you not to go for it unless you are a die-hard Facebook addict. The dedicated FB button, synchronized 20 minutes updates, and FB friendly home screen are 3 major attractions, but Vodafone could have given more with this phone.

The camera is average 2MP when other phones in the similar range are coming with 3-5MP camera options. Can’t comment on missing Wi-Fi, but 3G should have been in the list. Then, processor speed is low and how can I miss out on the poor video playback ability of the device. These are just a few suggestions, which should be taken care of, when the manufacturer comes up with its next model. There are people who won’t mind shelling out only Rs.5,000 for a decent looking QWWERTY device that is meant for Facebook lovers.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Top 3 Cellphones that Created a Buzz in Fourth Quarter of 2011

BlackBerry Torch 9860

RIM has finally introduced the much awaited BlackBerry Torch 9860 in India. The phone has also been launched as Torch 9850, which is a US version with CDMA/EVDO support. 

Running on BlackBerry OS 7.0, the phone has a 3.7 inch capacitive touchscreen display and a resolution of 800x480 pixels. The specs are somewhat similar to the recently launched Torch 9810 but the sliding physical QWERTY keypad is missing in this BlackBerry.

The impressive thing about new Torch 9860 is the powerful 1.2GHz processor and 768MB RAM that will make your browsing and application access experience faster. The 5 megapixel camera with LED flash will not disappoint you, as BlackBerry phones even with 2MP camera click decent pictures.

The UI is more fluidic and new BlackBerry browser is undoubtedly faster than earlier versions. There’s support for recording and playing HD videos @720p. I wish the phone had support full HD video playback, i.e. 1080p.

Like other torch models, 9860 lacks in secondary camera but it won’t affect the sale of phone in India because carriers are currently not providing video calling feature. Yes, if you are a Skype user, the missing front camera will definitely pinch you.

There’s not much of difference in the features of the phone if we compare it to the BlackBerry phone models launched in second & third quarter. BlackBerry Torch 9860 is surely not an affordable gadget as RIM has priced it for approx Rs.29,000.

The phone is available for Rs.28,490 on

Motorola Defy +

Known for its sturdy built and water resistance, Motorola Defy+ is definitely going to get positive market response. The Android Gingerbread phone has 3.7 inch capacitive touchscreen and scratch resistant Gorilla Glass display.

Let’s talk about the distinguishing features in Motorola Defy & Defy+:

Most important difference is the OS. While Defy+ has Gingerbread OS, Defy runs on Android Éclair and is upgradable to Froyo.

Defy has 800MHz processor and Defy+ comes with 1GHz processor. Both have 512MB RAM, 2GB internal memory, and up to 32GB expansion capacity.

Coming to display, Defy+ has LED backlighting, which Defy lacks in. It means improved display even under sunlight.

Rest of the features are somehow similar to Defy, which is currently available for Rs.14,399. You can check out detailed specs of Defy on

The phone is expected to arrive in India at the end of fourth quarter. 

LG Optimus 3D P920

 World’s first 3D phone, LG  Optimus 3D P920 is a powerful Android machine with 4.3inch glass-free 3D display, 1GHz dual core processor, DLNA support, and 512MB RAM.

Don’t be disappointed with the OS version of the device, because it is upgradable to Gingerbread. Expected to hit the market very soon, Optimus 3D is the only phone in market that provides glass-free 3D experience. Stereoscopic display is the technology behind the 3D experience delivered by the phone.

Camera – The Main Player

LG Optimus 3D has three cameras, out of which, two 5MP primary cameras enable the user to capture 2D/3D videos & images. There’s a secondary VGA camera also. The phone comes with a preloaded image editing software, HDMI support, and can record as well as play HD videos @720p.

Other Highlights

Get an amazingly fast tri dual performance with 1GHz ARM Cortex dual core processor, dual channel, and dual memory of the phone. 

LG Optimus 3D comes with pre-loaded 3D games including Asphalt 6, Lets Golf 2, Nova, Gulliver’s Travel.
Like other high-end Android devices, LG Optimus 3D also comes with Android Market, support for multiple email accounts, IMs & social networking sites, push email, A-GPS with eCompass.

You will have to shell out a few thousands extra for owning this 3D device. The phone is expected to arrive in October first week in Indian market at an approx price of Rs.34,000.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What is Your Dream Cellphone Like?

Cellphones have become an integral part of our life. We need our phone when we leave for office, go on a vacation, and even in our bathroom. Technology has evolved and so have the features in our mobile phones. There was a time when mobile phones were only used for making/ receiving calls, that too at high tariffs. We can now send SMS/MMS, browse Internet, watch movies, play music, and even monitor our heart beats through the cellphone.

“We always desire for more” and of course, “necessity is the mother of invention”.

There are lot many features and apps, we are craving for our cellphones to come with. A very good friend of mine asked what all things I would love to have in my mobile phone and my wish list was pretty long. Here are a few of my demands that I would want to share with everyone: 

I have a problem with thickness of the phone
Yess, we all love slim bodies. No doubt about it. I want my phone to be extremely sleek. Have heard that Samsung will be rolling out flexible AMOLED display soon. Imagine carrying a flexible screen cellphone in your pocket that is light in weight, easy to hold, and of course highly resistant to damage. 

Wish all the phones were water resistant
There are water resistant phones available in market but they are not up to the mark. Motorola has launched Defy+, which is waterproof but only under 1 meter water and that too for 30 minutes.  Can we please increase 1 meter to 100 meters at least? 

In-Built Fan?
I know this is insane, but just imagine your cellphone coming with a fan just like our laptops and PCs have? Now, why do I want it? We can’t have powerful processors because of the risk of the device getting heated-up? If a small fan is fitted inside the phone, it will keep the processor cool and we can become owners of a much powerful device. There would be absolutely no need of overclocking the phone. 

Change in form factor
Don’t you get bored by holding the same phone in your hand everyday. It’s going to be great if we can make our phone touchscreen on one day, QWERTY on another day and yes, slider on the third day. Change the form factor as well as the color of the phone according to your mood. Spice has recently launched Transformer M-5500, which is a touchscreen phone and you can also make it T9. Still, there are lots of experiments that can be carried out on cellphones.

And the list goes on……..

Are some new ideas erupting in your mind? Feel free to share…