What is Your Dream Cellphone Like?

Cellphones have become an integral part of our life. We need our phone when we leave for office, go on a vacation, and even in our bathroom. Technology has evolved and so have the features in our mobile phones. There was a time when mobile phones were only used for making/ receiving calls, that too at high tariffs. We can now send SMS/MMS, browse Internet, watch movies, play music, and even monitor our heart beats through the cellphone.

“We always desire for more” and of course, “necessity is the mother of invention”.

There are lot many features and apps, we are craving for our cellphones to come with. A very good friend of mine asked what all things I would love to have in my mobile phone and my wish list was pretty long. Here are a few of my demands that I would want to share with everyone: 

I have a problem with thickness of the phone
Yess, we all love slim bodies. No doubt about it. I want my phone to be extremely sleek. Have heard that Samsung will be rolling out flexible AMOLED display soon. Imagine carrying a flexible screen cellphone in your pocket that is light in weight, easy to hold, and of course highly resistant to damage. 

Wish all the phones were water resistant
There are water resistant phones available in market but they are not up to the mark. Motorola has launched Defy+, which is waterproof but only under 1 meter water and that too for 30 minutes.  Can we please increase 1 meter to 100 meters at least? 

In-Built Fan?
I know this is insane, but just imagine your cellphone coming with a fan just like our laptops and PCs have? Now, why do I want it? We can’t have powerful processors because of the risk of the device getting heated-up? If a small fan is fitted inside the phone, it will keep the processor cool and we can become owners of a much powerful device. There would be absolutely no need of overclocking the phone. 

Change in form factor
Don’t you get bored by holding the same phone in your hand everyday. It’s going to be great if we can make our phone touchscreen on one day, QWERTY on another day and yes, slider on the third day. Change the form factor as well as the color of the phone according to your mood. Spice has recently launched Transformer M-5500, which is a touchscreen phone and you can also make it T9. Still, there are lots of experiments that can be carried out on cellphones.

And the list goes on……..

Are some new ideas erupting in your mind? Feel free to share…


  1. Hmm very true, water resistance up to 1m depth doesn't make any sense. At least it should resist water damage when it gets sunk in a swimming pool.. which generally has a depth of 2m and above :-)

  2. @Purnima - 1m is near about 5 feet and I think water resistance for up to 10 feet is necessary.,


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