Why Shop Online?

The online shopping trend is about to explode. With so many retailers and even big brands following the same trend, we can say that eCommerce is going to be the next boom in the industry. However, online shopping is still in an evolving stage in India. I am amazed to see how dramatically the number of online shoppers is increasing in the country. It was estimated that air and rail tickets of whopping INR 30 crore are sold online everyday.

Online shopping is hassle free and yes, we all are slowly adopting this trend. What are those “good things” about online shopping, which make it so addictive? Let’s talk about them:

You Get More Options

Just Google about a particular product you want to purchase and thousands of results will be displayed on the screen within a few seconds. Suppose you want to buy a leather jacket, you can go through each web page, see the collection, and decide if you want to go ahead with the payment procedure. And the best part is you don’t have to think that saying no is going to annoy the salesman. Take your time and choose wisely.

The Convenience Factor

There’s no doubt that online purchase is far more convenient than visiting the physical store. You don’t have to get dressed-up or take the vehicle out, just because you want to check out a product at a store that you are not even sure of buying. It saves your time and fuel as well. Moreover, you can shop whenever you want to because online shopping follows the strict 24x7 criteria.

Better Deals

It is true that increasing online shopping trend means decrease in product prices. Every website is keeping a watch on what its competitors are selling. And if you don’t believe me, eCommerce sites even loose customers for a mere difference of Rs.10. You get all the freedom to surf as many sites you want, check out their deals, and buy product from the one you think is reliable & is offering a better price.

Second Hand Product Purchase

So you are looking for some antiques, there’s no place better than an eCommerce sites. There are lot of people selling their old/used things for peanuts, check out the price and grab them.

Things You Should Take Care of

Online shopping is convenient, money saving, and you will enjoy the experience for sure. But, you have to be careful when it comes to choosing your online seller. Lot of sellers are using eCommerce platform just for the sake of earning market presence and they seriously do not have the sense of business.

What you can do is search for the feedback about an ecom site before making a purchase. There will be consumer complaints as well as appreciation about such sites, which will help you in filtering out the most reliable of all the available options.

Delivery & customer service support is another key thing to be taken care of. Fine, you are getting a product for Rs.200 lesser than what other site is offering, but it’s of no use if the product is delivered after 15-20 days or nobody in customer care is attending your query.

Don’t Get Tempt with Those Heavy Discount Offers on Cellphones

Yes, you will come across many discount offers on cellphones, laptops, and other gadgets. Hold on. There are chances that the website is selling grey market products. The prices will be absurdly less but these products do not carry manufacturer warranty. In case your newly bought phone faces software or other functional issues, the authorized service center will not repair it under warranty period. You will be left with two options – either take the product to the seller (which is difficult) or pay for the repair (more hassle free option for you). There are websites like www.saholic.com wherein, you will get good deals on products along with manufacturer warranty. And in case, there’s any problem with the product, these guys will collect it from your doorstep & sort the things out for you.

Become a smart shopper. Don’t just get carried away with the BIG money saver deal you have seen on the Internet. Do some research, understand market trends, make a list of some of your favorite websites, and go on an online shopping spree.


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