Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nokia Windows Mango 7.5 Phone Review - The Good & The Bad Things

When everybody was expecting Nokia to finally adapt to Android OS, the Finnish cellphone manufacturer decided to count upon Microsoft for improving its market presence. It was 6 months back, Nokia officially announced that its new phone will be running on Windows. And the company has recently launched two Windows phones, Lumia 800 and 710 in market.

Running on OS 7.5 Mango, both the phones have received a mixed response in market. Now, the next big question is, will Nokia be able to re-establish itself in the market with Windows mobile?

Microsoft’s Philosophy

Microsoft doesn’t believe in post PC World. The software giant has always tried to keep the products in its very own ecosystem. This is quite apparent when we see that most of the Microsoft’s software are compatible with most PCs.

Recently, Microsoft has disappointed consumers by announcing that there would be no tablet edition of Windows 7. The next version of Windows, i.e. Windows 8 will run on tablet, PC, and even cellphones. What I believe is, there’s no need of a different OS for different classes of devices provided, it is designed properly. If you are amongst the users who just can’t go anywhere without their tablet but also want Microsoft app, just plug-in the keyboard & mouse and within seconds, your tablet will turn to PC.

Mixed Response Received by Nokia’s Windows Phone

It was in the month of April when Nokia signed a deal with Microsoft and within 6 months it has launched two Windows phones in market. Let’s talk about the good and the bad things in Windows 7.5 Mango device.
The first thing you will notice is clean and crisp Metro UI. What is so impressive about the UI is that it doesn’t look like a copy of iOS (Android UI looks are a bit inspired by iPhone’s interface). Customizable live tiles are neatly placed in two columns on the screen. These tiles basically are replacement of widgets that we find in Android or Symbian phones. Users get the flexibility of having multiple tiles for fone app, which is absent in other software platforms.

One thing that was missing in previous version of Windows was merging of multiple mailboxes into one. You can now combine multiple email accounts into one consolidated tile. Microsoft has gone a step further by giving users the freedom to choose the email accounts they want to merge, which is not offered by most mobile OS. Moreover, all the conversations will be threaded in Windows 7.5 mobile. There is another functionality in the new Windows OS and I am sure you will love it. Supposedly, you are chatting with a friend on Gtalk and he has to log off. If you are still exchanging SMS with him, all his Gtalk messages will be visible in the threaded conversation.

Microsoft has also added Twitter & LinkedIn in People hub and Internet Explorer 9 with GPU acceleration in Windows Mango.

There have been talks about the absence of dual-core processor support in Windows 7.5 Mango devices. According to Microsoft developers, there was no significant performance gain by using dual-core processor and it was also affecting the battery efficiency.

What is Missing in Windows 7.5 Mango Mobile?

Your Windows 7.5 phone cannot be used as a USB drive. We know how easy it is to transfer data to PC from an Android device. Just connect the phone to PC and you are done. There is an exclusion of universal standard in Windows Mango phone and all the content will be transferred via Zune Desktop app on Windows PC. If you are a Mac owner, “Mac Connector” is the app for you but no such support is available for Linux machines.

Windows 7.5 phone is capable of multitasking but users are finding flaws in this feature. It has been told that applications don’t run in background because they get frozen. This is mostly happening with third party apps.
Windows phone marketplace is still evolving. At present there are around 25,000 apps but users are talking about “service unavailable” error received while purchasing or downloading an app.

The Conclusion

When a new product hits the market, it just cannot escape from being compared. Same is happening with Windows 7.5 Mango powered Nokia phones. Now what provides a Windows 7.5 phone an edge over other OS is its ubiquity. Windows OS currently captures 86% percent of the global market, which makes it easier for a Windows Mobile owner to connect his device and transfer the data.

There are some flaws in the Windows 7.5 Mango OS, but considering the newness of the OS, we can overlook them and wait for Microsoft to soon come up with an improved & more stable Windows 7.5 Mango upgrade.

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  1. I am about to pick up a Samsung Omnia W. Anything that should make me think otherwise.

    PS: I was using Android and has rooted for Android so far. But the Windows UI just blew me away.

  2. Even I am fascinated with Windows UI and Samsung Omnia W might be my next phone too. I am finding it better than Lumia 710. It has a secondary camera too, which is absent in Lumia series. Check out the comparison -

    I am using Android but want to try my hands on Mango device