World’s Cheapest Tablet Aakash Goes on Sale

The ultra low cost Indian tablet is now available for consumers who were eagerly waiting for this pocket-friendly yet powerful device. Developed jointly by Datawind & IIT-Rajasthan and manufactured by Quad (India-based company), Aakash is a seven inch tablet computer that features 256MB RAM, ARM11 366MHz processor, Wi-Fi, 2GB internal memory, and 32GB expansion capacity. Running on Android Froyo, the tablet comes with Li-Ion 2100mAh battery.

So, what is it that has created a buzz about Aakash in market? It is definitely the unmatched price at which you can buy the tablet. Shelling out Rs.2,500 is definitely a no big deal for Indian consumers and it is expected that Aakash will get popular amongst students.

Ubislate7, the upgraded version of Aakash is also up for pre-orders. The tablet has better processor i.e. ARM Cortex A8 700MHz and runs on Android Gingerbread. It is GPRS & Wi-Fi enabled and comes with 3200mAh battery. Ubislate7 will be available in January 2012 at an extremely affordable price of Rs.2,999.
You can buy Aakash tablet online. Click for direct link


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