Difference Between iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S

Talks about the launch of Apple iPhone 5 were in the air for the last 6 months or so, but Apple gave tech lovers a shock by introducing the iPhone 4S. Not many people know that iPhone 4S shares specs similar to what could have been in the rumored iPhone 5.

Targeted as “the next generation iPhone”, iPhone 4S is not bigger or sleeker than iPhone 4 (dimensions are same) but the device weighs 140grams (iPhone 4 weighs 137grams). But, what is under the hood is definitely astounding. 

So, what makes iPhone 4S better than iPhone 4?

The iPhone 4S has dual core Apple A5 processor, which makes the phone twice as fast as iPhone 4.
The new intelligent antenna system will not only improve the call quality, but also increase the connection speed.

How can we miss out on the all-new and much talked-about iOS5 and Siri. Using both, you can make your device perform multiple tasks just by speaking. You can ask questions like “Which day is Christmas falling this year?” or “The weather in Delhi” and Siri will get back with an answer within a few seconds. Your phone will obey your commands such as making a voice call, writing text messages, or even creating reminders.

The iPhone 4S comes with 8MP camera while the earlier version iPhone 4 has 5MP camera, which means you will now be able to click better pictures. Plus, there’s one dedicated camera button in the phone.

Just like BlackBerry Messenger, Apple has introduced iMessage. It will enable iPhone users to chat with each other using Wi-Fi or 3G. This is definitely going to save at least a few bucks for you.

You will now get better email, messages, and social networking notifications with the intuitive & powerful feature of iOS5. Similar to Android phones, all new notifications will open in one tray in your iPhone 4S.

Apple has integrated Twitter in iPhone 4S and we are hoping Facebook to be next in-line.

Apple has finally made iPhone 4S a PC-free device. Like Android phones, you will no longer have to connect the device to PC or Mac for software updates as these can be received on the phone wirelessly.

Around 200 new features have been announced in iOS5, but Apple isn’t talking much about them:
  • LED flash for email alerts, which BlackBerry phones come with.
  • iCloud, which is a free service and allows you to share 5GB data between iOS devices.
  • New Safari browser that will allow you to save web pages for offline reading.
  • Improved text formatting – Now compose mails with text in bold, italics etc.
  • Email can be flagged.

Comparison Chart Between iPhone 4S and iPhone 4

iPhone 4S
iPhone 4
Dual-core Apple A5
Apple A4
3.5 inch IPS
3.5 inch IPS
Primary camera
8MP with Flash
5MP with Flash
Video recording
Full HD videos @1080p
HD videos @720p
Secondary camera
802.11 b/g/n
802.11 b/g/n
v2.1 with EDR
8 hours on 3G
7 hours on 3G
Wi-Fi usage
9 hours
10 hours
40 hours
40 hours
10 hours
10 hours
200 hours
300 hours
115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm
115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm
140 grams
137 grams

Apple iPhone 4S price in India –
Apple iPhone 4S 16GB price in India – Rs.29,999 (approx)
Apple iPhone 4S 32GB price in India – Rs.35,999 (approx)
Apple iPhone 4S 64GB price in India – Rs.40,999 (approx)

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The Apple iPhone 4 32GB is available for Rs.40,900


  1. 40,900 in India!!! That's where the problem is. Apple still doesn't really think that the market here in India is BIG!

    Gone are the days when Nokia was the only brand out here.. Today you've got 'n' number of brands and they all have proved themselves and those who couldn't, well for them their strategies are to be blamed!

    Blackberry, Samsung, LG, Nokia... there are a zillion of 'em fighting each other everyday for the same thing -- TO INCREASE THEIR MARKET.

    But oh-no, not APPLE -- for whatever strategies they think they are following or whatever possible ideas they've got, its time for them too, to try hard and get their presence in market - if not equal to Nokia or Samsung - then maybe LAVA!!! :-D

  2. @Shashank - I agree that 40,900 is a big amount for Indian consumers, especially when we see that at least one new manufacturer is entering the market every month.. iPhone 4S has still not been launched in India.. But but but, not to forget, iPhone 3GS is now available for arnd 20k..let's wait for Apple to launch iPhone 5 and then 4S will become affordable :-) .. till that time, upgrade your 3GS with iOS 5.

    Well.. I must say, you have started an interesting discussion..thanks


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